MSU students generally dig the place. But when asked "What is the WORST thing about Montanan State", they don't hesitate to be honest. Frankly, most of them aren't wrong but they're also not ginormous issues.

There are several website where you can check out reviews of college campuses. Big colleges, small community schools and everything in between. is one of those.

It seems to us that ACTUALLY...the biggest gripes were about the food in the food halls and lack of parking. Pretty typical stuff, right?

The folks who have gripes with how the school spends money, I wish they'd be more specific. (Besides the person who doesn't like the giant macaroni sculpture. First of all, that was TWENTY years ago. Secondly, I always thought it was pretty cool. It's fondly called "The Noodle", BTW.)

So here are a few direct quotes from remarks left by Montana State University students to the question: What do you consider the worst thing about Montana State?

  • "The worst thing about Montana State University is the food. Bring Tums."
  • "The worst thing about Montana State University is the lack of parking space. The college has continued to grow at the expense of places to park that are near dorms and classes."
  • "The cafeteria food."
  • "The weather because it get into the -20s and we still have class. You have to be carefully not to fall on the ice."
  • "The worst part of going to school at MSU is the parking; there is never enough parking so students end up walking a quarter mile to get to class."
  • "Lots of the classes are just full of busy work and aren't worth the money that I am paying."
  • "High fat content food in the dining hall."
  • "The Greek life in this town is lacking. The most poplular fraternity is the agricultural house."
  • "The thing I find the worst about Montana State University is the percentage of smokers on campus."
  • "Lets just say its not really up to code, there are a couple of things with the buildings that make a person wonder."
  • "The worst thing about this school is probably it's cleanliness. At times it can be pretty intimidating to just walk out into the dorm hallway in just your socks or even barefeet."
  • "Priorities for spending money are screwed up: no new facilities or computers for rubrics like earth sciences or ecology but brand new flat screen tvs in the student union building showing how much soup or a burger costs (costs don't change day to day) or $120,000 on a "sculpture" that looks like a huge piece of rotating macaroni."
  • "Parking is horrendous."
  • "It costs a lot to go to college and the school continues to spend money on "stupid stuff." If they were more financially frugal than my tuition would not be increasing constantly."
  • "The housing situation is pretty shabby."

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