I have a feeling some of these folks needed to let off some steam because these are a little ridiculous. 

This Saturday, September 3rd, Bobcat Stadium will be filled shoulder to shoulder with loud and excited fans there to see the Montana State Bobcats kick off the 2022 season. Bobcat Stadium is an awesome venue that has hosted playoff football games, concerts, and camps. 

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I've never had a bad experience at Bobcat Stadium. All the football games and concerts I have attended have been a blast. Unfortunately, my experience differs from that of other visitors. 


I saw some hilarious one-star reviews for Bobcat Stadium on Google, and some complaints are a little valid. 

Some folks who went to Kenny Chesney this past summer were not big fans. One man said, 

I will never do a concert at Bobcat Stadium ever again. 45 minutes waiting in line and $12 for a beer. Poor planning and setup. 

One lady went further and said, 

Complete chaos! Very unorganized. Not impressed!

We highly recommend these folks don't go to any stadium shows or festivals in bigger cities any time soon. You simply have to expect wait times and a little chaos when you're packing thousands of people into a venue.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

Some of the other reviews were about football games, and I think these folks are salty Griz fans. 

One man said, 

Almost a good place to watch a football game. UM has the best stadium in the state. 

Another man declared, 

The Bobcats are a terrible football team. The only reason to come to this stadium is to see a superior opponent. 

Listen, I think these two guys probably came for the Brawl of the Wild and watched their Grizzlies get destroyed by the Bobcats. So the only way they could feel better about themselves was to write a review. It's ok, everyone has bad days. 

Concerts at Bobcat Stadium might seem a little chaotic, but that's only because there have only been a slight handful on concerts there, and it's a huge undertaking, so they're still figuring things out. The football complaints are just ridiculous, especially because the Bobcats have been the better team in Montana for the past several years. 

Despite what the haters say, this Saturday is going to be a FANTASTIC game for everyone at Bobcat Stadium. See you there!

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