If there is someone in your life that loves Christmas, fudge and OREO cookies then this might be the perfect gift for them to be honest.

This is the time of year where companies start rolling out Christmas themed items whether it be food, clothes or more. The thing is, one company is going to make one item they are releasing be probably on of the most sold out items this season.

OREO cookies will be releasing a special edition tin box that is covered in snow flakes but the real treat is on the inside. Half of the cookies will be covered in chocolate fudge and the other half will be coved in white chocolate fudge.

Credit: American Munchies via Instagram

I told one of my coworkers about these already and he is going on the prowl to get them immediately because they only come out once a year and who could blame them. If you have never had one of the chocolate fudge covered Oreos than you are seriously missing out. They are absolutely delicious and consuming a whole box isn't hard to do and by doing that will make you feel bad until you buy another box of them.

Listen, these special edition OREO cookies aren't going to be sold in any local grocery stores around us. The only places you will be able to pick up this treat is at either Target or Walmart according to sources. Though you will have to pay a little extra cause these are special edition cookies, they will be a little over twice the price of regular OREO cookies. You might be able to get them delivered to you as well and that might be your best bet.

Either way, I am going to try to get a box of these because I know a few people who would go crazy just to try one of these special edition OREOS.

For more details, check out MSN.

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