I am so excited to watch the halftime show and not just for Justin Timberlake. I went to college with a fantastic young man named Max. He was from Boise and was at the school on a tennis scholarship. Max joined my fraternity his freshman year and that's when we found out that he is a phenomenal dancer. He had really talent and we all told him to pursue it. Then during his junior year he dropped out of college and decided to pursue dancing full time and moved to Los Angeles to make it.

A few years later he was teaching classes but then got his big break. Max was one of the featured dancers on Ariana Grande's World Tour. For the next year and half he toured around the world and danced on stage and looked like he was having an amazing time. I always wondered what was next. Well I know now.

I was skimming Instagram when I noticed Max posted a picture of what looked like Justin Timberlake. Then I learned Max will be dancing beside Justin Timberlake during his Pepsi Halftime Show during the Super Bowl and I am thrilled for him. Max is a great dude and I am happy to see him succeed in what he loves to do.

Check out his journey getting ready for the halftime show on Max's Instagram.

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