Montana high school sports is about to become more exciting, and the future is bright. 

406 MT Sports is reporting that the Montana High School Association announced today they are adopting two changes starting the 2022-23 sports season. First off, the Montana High School Association approved a 35-second shot clock for varsity and junior varsity games. Not only was the shot clock approved, but they also gave the approved baseball to become a high school sport. 

Both proposals were approved by a large majority, and coaches and players are excited. High schools throughout the state will start installing shot clocks after the 2021-22 basketball season. Montana will be one of nine states that will have a shot clock for high school basketball. 

Even though baseball has been approved, the Montana high schools will choose whether or not to field a team. That makes quite a bit of sense. We have discussed whether or not Montana should add baseball as a sport. The issues with baseball as a high school sport are the short spring season and if the high school can field a team. 

What we could see is the potential of schools teaming up to field a team, especially because we imagine many of these teams will be using their American Legion fields for games. That would help not only field a team of players but also not have to burden the school with building a full-fledged baseball field for games. 

Either way, this is massive news for Montana high school sports and will bring new excitement to both sports. I only wish they had high school baseball when I was enrolled. 

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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