Ok, if you are like me and like to binge-watch series on Netflix, then I have to know your MUST SEE favorites. I have had Netflix for over over 13 years. Netflix started streaming in 2007, which was perfect as I was pregnant and had nothing better to do after work. Apparently, I still have that habit. I am a huge fan of Netflix Original Series. So my question is, have you watched "YOU"? The third season just came out, and let me tell you...OH EM GEE! It is so good! I won't spoil any of it for you, but if you haven't seen this season, you are in for drama, suspense, AND a cliffhanger!


"YOU" is among the list of top 10 Netflix streamed series of all time. Joe, the main character goes to extremes to insert himself into people's lives. He gets obsessed with them and in one way or another makes himself a part of their lives whether they like it or not. It is so ridiculously good! Trust me!

Here is an updated list of most viewed shows on Netflix. They tally these numbers by collecting the total view hours within the first 28 days.

1. Bridgerton, Season 1 (625 million hours)
2. Money Heist, Part 4 (619 million hours)
3. Stranger Things 3 (582 million hours)
4. The Witcher, Season 1 (541 million hours)
5. 13 Reasons Why, Season 2 (496 million hours)
6. 13 Reasons Why, Season 1 (476 million hours)
7. YOU, Season 2 (457 million hours)
8. Stranger Things 2 (427 million hours)
9. Money Heist, Part 3 (426 million hours)
10. Ginny and Georgia, Season 1 (381 million hours)

On this list, I have seen seven out of 10. Yes, that's how my life is... a definition of Netflix and chill. What are your must-see suggestions? If you haven't seen "Maid", I highly recommend it and it's about a girl from Missoula. Let me know your favorites!

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