We might as well be foolhardy and have fun making another one of these lists because the reactions are too much fun. 

Last week we did a post about the 10 Most Incredibly Boring Towns in Montana and what we thought was a great photo gallery turned into some locals not being too happy about the article. We even apologized for that list of boring places, but some locals agreed with us. 

Not only did some locals agree with us, but many locals also suggested to us even locations that are as boring as the first list. So we thought we would put together another list of boring places in Montana brought to us by you, the listeners. The picked towns could have been on the first list, but we didn't want to put everything on the first list. 

These places are all over the state of Montana. From every corner of the state, towns were picked due to many factors. Towns were picked because there aren't amenities for families or young people to enjoy, no nightlife, no scenery, and other factors. 

Listen, these places have quirky personalities and fans, but if you are traveling around Montana, you want to go to places that you can enjoy. You might stop in one of these towns, but you probably don't want to plan a vacation around going here. 

Please remember, I didn't come up with these places. These were all suggested by locals, and they were very passionate about why these towns were boring or should have been on the original list. 

8 More Incredibly Dull Towns in Montana

We have one boring towns list. Now we have a list that is suggested by local Montanans and there are some real winners. These towns are fine if you're passing through, but you probably shouldn't plan a vacation around them.

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