We talk about the beauty and fun many Montana cities and towns bring to the table. We have to be honest and realize there are also some boring spots you should avoid. 

When people think of places to visit Montana, they instantly think of Bozeman, Missoula, Whitefish, or even Butte. These cities are destinations with exciting features from being close to national parks, like Yellowstone or Glacier, or having an exciting history in our state and activities to check out.  

The thing is, some places in Montana can tend to be quite dull and an absolute drag. We thought for a change instead of talking about the great places to visit in Montana, there are some spots you should avoid if you are visiting or planning a trip. 

You might be wondering how we compiled this list of boring towns, and to be honest, this is all from personal experiences of growing up in Montana and being in these towns firsthand. 

We aren't officially saying these places are the worst, but if you want to plan a fun vacation, these places don't have a lot to offer, whether for a family or adult vacation. If you are going to travel around Montana, you have to make sure you enjoy yourself and have a blast. 

If anyone has a problem with this list, we get it if you want to defend a place you love, but you have to realize it might be a little boring. Sorry to break the news to you. 

10 Incredibly Boring Towns To Avoid in Montana

Not every town or city in Montana is as glamorous as you might expect. So we compiled a list of the most boring towns you should avoid while vacationing or traveling around Montana.

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