This change is not only exciting for their die-hard customers but excitement for the future they have planned. 

USA Today is reporting, that budget airline Allegiant Airlines announced they will be buying fifty brand new jets from Boeing. This is a huge announcement for Allegiant Airlines, which usually only buys used airplanes from larger competitors. 

These fifty new planes won't be in their fleet until 2023, so there is still some time to get excited about Allegiant Airlines updating their fleet. The Las Vegas-based airline is known for very low fares and destinations that people love to travel to during any time of the year. 

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is home to several Allegiant Airlines flights. Allegiant Airlines has flights to and from popular destinations like Las Vegas, Nashville, and Phoenix/Mesa. Then they also have seasonal flights during the summer to San Diego, Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Allegiant Airlines flights are popular throughout the state of Montana. 

I have flown Allegiant Airlines multiple times, and as much as I love saving money on flights, I don't trust if my flight is going to be on time, delayed, or in one instance canceled the day before. You have to weigh the risk/reward of flying Allegiant Airlines, especially recently. 

The thing is, these new airplanes that Allegiant Airlines are buying are giving me hope that they want to provide a great safe flight to their customers in the future and keep their low prices. I'm flying Allegiant in March, and I hope the flight goes without incident as it has recently. 

Check out the Bozeman Airport for all Allegiant Airline flights you can take. 

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