There will probably more exciting announcements coming soon from the Gallatin Valley Mall and we should all be giddy.

The Gallatin Valley Mall announced on their Facebook that they will have a new addition and that will be Journey's Footwear. They will be located right next to Eddie Bauer in the Gallatin Valley Mall.

Gallatin Valley Mall via Facebook
Gallatin Valley Mall via Facebook

This comes just a few months after Whole Foods coming to the Gallatin Valley Mall area and there will surely be more stores filling in spots in the mall. The Gallatin Valley Mall has been revitalizing the whole area by adding great new additions to some of the existing great stores they already have.

Journey's is a footwear company that specializes in fantastic, fashion footwear for great, affordable prices. Journey's are a mall mainstay everywhere in the United States and do pretty darn well. Bozeman needs a great quality shoe store and Journey's will be providing a great service to our whole area and to the Gallatin Valley Mall.

Plus, if you are looking for a job, the picture from the Gallatin Valley Mall shows that they will be hiring soon and they will need great hard workers for their Bozeman store.

The Gallatin Valley Mall has started 2021 with some great announcements and we can only expect more fantastic news in the next few months because with things becoming pre-COVID normal everyone will want to get out and enjoy life.

For more details, check out the Gallatin Valley Mall.

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