If it's been a bit since your last Uber ride, know that your next one will require a mask. No mask, no ride.

Uber made details of their "Door to Door Safety Standard available with some important updates in the time of COVID-19. Here's what else was included in an email to riders:

  • To protect your driver, you must wear a face cover or mask and sit in the back on every ride. Drivers can cancel your trip if you do not wear one.
  • Drivers are ALSO REQUIRED to wear a mask. Uber is using Face Cover Check technology to confirm that drivers are wearing a face cover or mask when they go online.
  • Passengers should sit in the backseat to leave more space between you and your driver.
  • Roll the windows down to keep the air circulating and help reduce the risk of spreading germs in stagnant air.
  • If traveling with luggage, handle your own belongings to help reduce the risk of exposure. This is strictly in the interest of "fewer hands" touching your belongings.
  • As always, Uber drivers are background checked before their first trip and are rechecked every year.
Hulton Archive // Getty Images


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