Hopefully this fire doesn't escalate.

Yellowstone National Park just released news that a new remote fire has been detected in the southwest corner of the park.

A ranger on patrol in the backcountry near the Heart Lake area detected a new fire(Hancock Fire) on Monday, September 21st.

The fire is only 0.1 acres and is to believed to have started by a lightning strike. There was a lightning storm in the area and there was a strike in the area recently.

The good news about this fire is that it's literally located at one tree and the tree is just smoldering with no open flame. The great news is that this fire has very low fire spread potential and will be just monitored remotely by fire staff.

Also, because this fire is literally just 0.1 acres and has very low spread potential there aren't any trails or campsites closed off near the area.

The only other fire in Yellowstone National Park is the Lone Star Fire but that currently has minimal activity.

Just to let you know the fire level in Yellowstone National Park is still very high. That means campfires aren't allowed in the backcountry. Fires are only allowed in camp rings and make sure you follow the rules when putting out a fire. Soak, mix and repeat. Your fire should be cold to the touch before you leave.

If we want to keep Montana beautiful and especially Yellowstone National Park please camp responsibility and be safe.

For more details on this fire, check out Yellowstone National Park.

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