Definitely going to take a trip up to the Museum of the Rockies to see this new, exciting new exhibit.

The Museum of the Rockies announced that a new marine life exhibit called the 'Savage Ancient Seas' will be making it's way to the museum on Friday, January 23rd and this will be a perfect addition to the museum.

Credit: Museum of the Rockies via Facebook

The exhibit more than 30 casts and real fossils and most of these specimens will be on display in Montana for the first time. Some of these fossils are as big as 45 feet long and that's not including all the educational kiosks to describe the life of all these weird, magical creatures.

This whole exhibit will be a great addition and compliment the Museum of the Rockies. Now you can not only go and check out Tyrannosaurus Rex, triceratops and velociraptors but you can see what creatures roamed in the oceans and are just as terrifying.

If you want to go check out the Museum of the Rockies the museum asks to make a reservation before you come because they are following COVID-19 attendance restrictions. So just go on their website and make a reservation, it's simple and easy.

'Savage Ancient Seas' starts on Friday, January 23rd and will be in Bozeman till May 2nd. So make sure you get in there and check out all these cool creatures that you don't get see normally.

For more details, check out the Museum of the Rockies.

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