A small, secluded bar hidden from sight is sometimes the best place to enjoy a Friday night.

Bozeman has a fantastic selection of bars to choose from daily. There are dive bars like The Molly Brown, college bars like the Rocking R, and laid-back bars like The Cat's Paw. There's something in the Bozeman area for anyone and whatever mood you might be in that evening.

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One bar that used to be a craze in Bozeman was a speakeasy establishment. There were bars like Room 1 and Kitty Warren, but both shut down sadly. The only one that has stuck around is The Devil's Toboggan.

The Devil's Toboggan sits upstairs from Seven Sushi and has been a hit with locals and travelers. Well, the owners of this fine establishment have opened a new hidden cocktail bar, and it's a blast from the past.

Photo by Laure Noverraz via Unsplash
Photo by Laure Noverraz via Unsplash

The new cocktail bar called It Will Always Be That Way has a fun 60s/70s throwback vibe, and it's a fantastic place to have a drink with friends or someone special.

The bar is easily missed due to no flashy signs, but this place is worth checking out. Their specialty is unique martinis, but they also have some classics that will hit the spot. We highly recommend the S'more because it comes with a toasted marshmallow.

Credit: It Will Always Be That Way via Instagram

They also have small bites for food and a dessert list that puts a smile on your face, including a banana split. Who doesn't want ice cream to end their night?

Photo by Molly Keesling via Unsplash
Photo by Molly Keesling via Unsplash

The atmosphere of It Will Always Be That Way is welcoming, with color accents that aren't offensive to the eyes. It's a place to enjoy your company and not worry about a rowdy college crowd to get drinks.

Who's in the mood for a cocktail?

It Will Always Be That Way is in The Cannery District in Bozeman.

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