With the constant feed of bad news daily, you need a laugh. Luckily, the National Park Service is here to help.

Twitter is a place to see up to the second thoughts of your friends, family, and celebrities daily. The only problem is there can be a constant feed of negative news, and you need a break from that substance. If you look at government Twitter accounts, they post informative pieces to help people know what is happening in the area.

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Then some official government accounts that post info about what is happening in the area but like to have fun. One of those accounts is the National Park Service.

We talked about the National Park Service a few weeks ago when they unveiled a bunch of incredible Valentine's Day Cards online that make fun of tourists making terrible decisions.

Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Here's the thing, the National Park Service mostly posts good info about what's happening in parks like Yellowstone and Glacier, located in Montana, but they also post ridiculous facts that some people think might be advice for when they visit.

Credit; National Park Service via Twitter

This is pure comedy, and I can't stop laughing. If you have lived in Montana for any amount of time, you know some individuals visit our national parks and have tried to do this action.

Photo by Becca via Unsplash
Photo by Becca via Unsplash

The National Park Service goes on to give facts and advice on what you should do if you run into a bear. They also demand that even though bears look friend-shaped, under no circumstances, please don't boop their noses or try to pet them. They are wild animals and will ruin your trip.

Check out the National Park Service on Twitter for a good time.

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