The three ‘American Idol‘ judges had little to say about contestant Naomi Gillies on Wednesday night. The Lancaster, Penn. native was that impressive, singing a song Steven Tyler made famous with Aerosmith. While her version of ‘Cryin” wasn’t pitch-perfect, she showed enough range and passion to get through to Hollywood.

“See that’s how you do it,” Tyler shouted as she finished singing, no doubt excited not to have used the “You gotta be kidding me” button that he’d been playing with the entire show. Jennifer Lopez complimented her on her tone, before sending the singer out of the room with a golden ticket.

Gillies didn’t get much television time, but the singer has plenty of experience. According to her page on MySpace, she began singing at the age 10 and was enrolled in a private school with a curriculum heavily steered towards the arts. She currently lives in Boston, where she studies at the Berklee College of Music. ‘Cryin” is a song she’s performed at the college within the last two years.

Watch Naomi Gillies Perform ‘Cryin” on ‘American Idol’