Last week, the internet entered into something of a panic when it was announced that Niki Caro, the director of the live-action Mulan remake, didn’t have any songs planned for the movie. For those of you who were bereft at the thought of no “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” army training/dance number, don’t freak out yet. While there aren’t any songs in the script right now, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any at all.

The news broke about a week ago, when Caro, while speaking to Moviefone, said that at this point the script has no music yet.

Yes, from what I understand, no songs right now, much to the horror of my children.

As it turns out, as things like these often are, Caro’s comments were taken a bit out of context. This week, she told The Los Angeles Times that songs aren’t even on the table for discussion at this point.

I don’t know where that’s come from. We’ve never talked about songs, and no decision has been made.

Tons of fans flipped their lids about the potential lack of singing in the movie on social media all week, but actually the movie might benefit from keeping them out. The animated Mulan has some of the greatest musical numbers in Disney history, with “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and “Reflection” becoming instant classics upon its release, but considering the path it sounds like Caro will be taking with this movie, music might kill the mood. Mulan has four songs — it doesn’t lean on its music the way, say, Beauty and the Beast does. And taking them out might leave more room for action and excitement in the “girly martial arts extravaganza” Caro has promised us.

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