This is a pretty great award for Montana State University.

Best Colleges in partnership with the nonprofit organization Campus Pride announced that Montana State University here in Bozeman was named the Best College for LGBTQ+ Students in Montana.

Photo by Montana State University

LGBTQ+ stands for individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning. The plus sign is intended to include individuals who identify with other communities such as intersex, non-binary, and pansexual.

Montana State University got four out of five stars. Montana State offers a safe space that is inclusive for all students to grow and learn.

Also, Montana State University has ensured gender neutral housing and bathroom accommodations for LGBTQ+ students.

Plus, Montana State has a support group for LGBTQ+ students and allies who have concerns or questions.

Montana State also earned high marks for their policy inclusion, counseling and health efforts.

Montana State plans on having events and centered around LGBTQ+ individuals and their issues.

Montana State University wants to make sure everyone feels welcomed in Bozeman. No matter what race, sex, or religious background, everyone is welcomed here.

The best part about this is that Montana State University wants to further improve their LGBTQ+ programs and support.

Montana State University gets many awards every single year but this might have to be one of the most special ones they get.

We can't wait to see what Montana State University will do in the following years to help their LGBTQ+ students grow and enjoy living in Bozeman.

For more details, check out Montana State University.

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