Well, I know what I am doing July 15th.

The 2017 Moods Brew, Spirit and Bacon Festival is back Saturday, July 15th in Ennis, Montana and will be an absolute great time. There will be music from Hawthorne Roots and Paige and the People's Band, plus there will be over 40 breweries and distilleries participating from all over Montana. This will be a perfect time to try beers and delicious drinks on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Credit:Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Also, did I forget to mention that tickets are just $25. That includes two drink tickets and a commemorative pint glass that you get to keep. Oh and there is unlimited taste testing.

I had such a great time at this last year that I will be buying my ticket and making a day out of it. Ennis is such a fun town and last year they had the rodeo going at the same time. It was a full night of fun.

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