It's only been 132 years, but maybe it's time for Montana to make some more modernized changes. 

Montana is known for many things, but one of our most famous attributes is our state motto. The state motto for Montana is Oro y Plata, which is Spanish for Silver & Gold. This motto makes a lot of sense because Montana is known as The Treasure State. People have traveled from all over the world to come discover Montana's gold, silver, copper, gems, and other precious materials. 

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That motto was fitting for Montana during the late 1800s and early 1900s, but things have changed since then. Montana has adopted an unofficial motto that is more common with travelers and locals. That motto is Big Sky Country. People tend to throw that term around more often these days.

Photo by Jingming Pan via Unsplash
Photo by Jingming Pan via Unsplash

This got me thinking; if Oro y Plata no longer reflects what Montana is known for today, what would be a more accurate motto? Ranker made a list of honest mottos for every state, and Montana's motto was, You're here just to see Yellowstone, aren't you? 

That motto makes sense for tourists, but it doesn't encapsulate the whole state. So we came up with a few honest mottos of our own: 

  • Montana, adding out-of-staters since 2012. 
  • Whatever you think, we aren't a statewide petting zoo. 
  • We are not all cowboys. 
  • If you hate the cold, this isn't the place for you. 
  • Our winters last seven months. 

Those are a few mottos that my coworkers and I came up with that could easily fit Montana these days. 

Photo by Nic Y C via Unsplash
Photo by Nic Y C via Unsplash

Maybe it's time for a change. 

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