Winter will be here before you know it, and experts are predicting extremely cold temperatures for many northern states, including Montana.

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Farmers' Almanac recently released an extreme winter forecast for 22-23, and temperatures in Montana are expected to be some of the coldest in the lower 48. According to the prediction, the north-central United States could experience extreme temperatures well below zero. Temperatures could be -40 or below in January.

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To put it simply, the Farmers' Almanac is warning readers to get ready to:

Shake, shiver, and shovel.

Above-average precipitation is predicted for this winter, which means there's a good chance that much of Montana will be pounded with snow.

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Winter doesn't officially arrive until December 21, but that date doesn't really apply in Montana. Frigid temperatures and snow aren't uncommon before then. In fact, the Almanac is predicting a white Christmas for many Montanans.

Unofficial Networks broke it down and made it easier to understand:

Snow lovers will be happy in the North Central States as they will see a fair share of storminess during the winter season, which should mean plenty of snow for winter enthusiasts to enjoy (maybe even in time for a white Christmas?)

Victoria Denisova
Victoria Denisova

Cold temperatures and snow are common every year in Montana, but this winter sounds like it's going to be extra cold and snowy. Now is a great time to start preparing for winter. Make sure you're stocked up on flannel shirts and wool socks because this winter is going to be a doozy!

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