This video might want to make you pull your hair out of pure frustration.

We have all competed or participated in a trivia contest. It could have been at school or a bar, but we all love winning.

Folks will give out random facts or figures to show off their knowledge.

Photo by Sean Benesh via Unsplash
Photo by Sean Benesh via Unsplash

The most popular trivia show out there is Jeopardy. The questions can range from easy sports trivia to deep history, but everyone from teens to adults loves trying to get the answer right.

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There are some other trivia shows you might not know about, and we found a clip that will either make your blood boil or have your eyes roll to the back of your head.

Have You Ever Played 20 Questions?

When people play 20 questions, it's usually on a car ride to kill time or when folks are bored and drinking adult beverages. The answer is commonly a person, place, or thing.

Someone took that idea of 20 questions and turned it into a game show called Person, Place, or Thing.

People, Place, Or Thing via Facebook
People, Place, Or Thing via Facebook

It's one of those game shows on local TV stations during the daytime, like Let's Make a Deal or The Price is Right.

We have never seen the show, but a clip of it on TikTok is going viral for an epic fail from the contestants.

Why is the video going viral? The answer was Montana, but the contestants couldn't figure it out. Here's the clip.

@personplaceorthingtv Today's contestants could not name this PLACE... can YOU? #PersonPlaceorThing #MelissaPeterman #GameShow #Trivia #20Questions #commonknowledge #generaltrivia #gamenight ♬ original sound - Person, Place or Thing

Credit: People Place or Thing via TikTok

Who else needs a walk around the block after watching that? The amount of wrong answers is mind-blowing.

Are people that oblivious about Montana, or did they collectively brain fart at the same time?

We want to watch the show to see what other easy questions people miss about Montana.

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