Every once in a while, you see something that you're not sure if it amuses you or revolts you. This is one of those times.

Montana State football home games are a straight-up party. The tailgating starts early, and people travel from one tailgate to another for hours on end until the game starts. Many folks like to add a little personality to their tailgate, whether it be a decked-out Bobcat vehicle, a huge spread of food, or a stuffed Bobcat. One group has something a little more....unique, and we aren't sure how we feel about it. 

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I was spending some quality time on TikTok the other day and came across a video that I needed to share with you all. A Montana State student turned a taxidermy deer into a beer tap. Check it out below. 

@jess_pottenger dunno if I’m the first but I’ve never seen one before! 🍻beers cheap to, it’s under a buck ;) #miller#thebeerdeer#gocats#fyp#fkit ♬ I Built that Cred yamynatorv2 - Simon

Credit:Jess Pottenger via TikTok

As you can see, this student has the line from the keg going through the deer's stomach, and the tap is in the deer's...rear end. Not only has this video gone a little viral, but this deer was shown off on ESPN's College Gameday when they were here. People love this deer keg. 

Photo by Robert Linder via Unsplash
Photo by Robert Linder via Unsplash

I know some folks might be a little disgusted at this project, but all I can see is pure Montana State ingenuity. I have so many questions for them. Did they taxidermy the deer themselves, or did they buy a deer that was good to go? Also, what kind of beer is coming out of that tap? Our guess is Busch Light. 

Either way, you have to love some people's creativity. If I see this deer later before the playoff game, pour me a cold one. 

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