According to a recent article by Forbes, Livingston, Montana is one of the top 5 coolest places to buy a vacation home in America.

Here's what the article said about Livingston;

"Livingston is one of those few western mountain towns left that hasn’t given up its soul and architectural character while still catering to the private jet crowd that shacks up in the 10,000 SF, 100-acre ranches outside of town."

The article also lists fishing, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, skiing, hunting, and horseback riding as reasons why Livingston made the top 5.

Livingston Parade

The article also highlights affordability as a reason to buy a vacation home in Livingston.

"For new pioneers looking to build their dream home you can still snatch up 3-5 acre lots with mountain views for $100,000 outside of town. You can own a 4-bedroom Victorian piece of Livingston history with original millwork and architectural details and walk to dinner for $350,000. You can also walk to fish in the Yellowstone the next morning."

To read the entire article, click here.


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