Before they let the students graduate or go home for the summer, Montana State will have some fun up on campus.

Montana State will be holding its first ever outdoor music festival April 29th in the South Hedges Parking Lot. The lineup is pretty solid too, featuring acts such as Skizzy Mars and MADDS plus others.

They are calling the festival Between the Lines and tickets for students are just $10 and everyone else will be $20. That's a pretty solid deal.

Credit:Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

When I worked in Boise they always had their spring concert indoors until one year they switched it to their huge quad and it was a massive success. The weather was perfect and the music was phenomenal. Honestly, I can see this being a huge success up at MSU and if the weather is perfect we could see more of these in the coming years. For more details on the show, check out I put some of Skizzy Mars and MADDS music below. Enjoy.

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