Midland was the headliner on Thursday night at Headwaters Country Jam and put on a great show. However, the music may not be the most memorable part of the band's performance.

The grounds at Headwaters Country Jam on Thursday night were a bit soggy, and it rained throughout most of Midland's performance. That didn't stop the band from putting on a high energy show for fans getting soaked in the crowd.

Cameron Duddy is the bass guitarist for Midland and is known for his crazy on-stage antics. Apparently, he's a big fan of the knee slide. After Midland's performance on Thursday night, Duddy attempted to knee slide across the stage.

In his defense, the stage was wet which made getting traction a bit difficult, especially since he was wearing cowboy boots. Needless to say, the knee slide probably wasn't going to end well and it didn't.

As Duddy was running and preparing to go into the slide, he tripped over a cable which sent him crashing down onto the stage in front of the crowd. On Friday, Midland posted a video of the incident on the band's Facebook page with the following caption.

At 12:02a last night, @cameronduddy said hold my beer and attempted a knee slide across the stage at @headwaterscountryjam. Regretfully, he was tripped by a stray cable and fell in front of the audience. Please keep him in your thoughts and comment your well-wishes here.

Literally, it looked pretty bad. We wish Cameron a speedy recovery. Check out the video below.

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