It's amazing to see a university in Montana making significant scientific discoveries.

If you love science or Montana discoveries, this news is up your alley.

Montana State University doesn't come to mind when I think of scientific discoveries by students. It's places like UCLA, MIT, or other prestigious colleges across America that have massive student bodies and money to make these incredible finds.

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Montana State has incredible programs of study, like film, agriculture, architecture, and others.

Montana State University via Facebook
Montana State University via Facebook

Those are the fields of study with the most notoriety at Montana State, but their science programs are fantastic.

How do we know this? Some Montana State students made a discovery that had never been seen.

Photo by Moritz Kindler via Unsplash
Photo by Moritz Kindler via Unsplash

Forbes wrote about how Montana State students discovered 'gravity waves' in the atmosphere during last year's solar eclipse.

What are 'gravity waves'?

During the solar eclipse last year, students, using balloons, were testing atmospheric pressure and noticed changes in the climate. These changes in the sky looked like waves in the ocean.

Gravity waves have been detected, but not at this level before.

Over 75 universities were involved with this discovery, but Montana State's Department of Physics led the way, in mapping the waves and recording the data.

Montana doesn't have many scientific discoveries or inventions. The only one of notoriety is creating the first heart monitor.

Photo by Justin Dickey via Unsplash
Photo by Justin Dickey via Unsplash

Montana might not have the most scientific discoveries in America, but we are slowly making more. Maybe this news will help showcase Montana's incredible science programs.

Who knows what Montanans will discover next?

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