This actually could open some fun new possibilities for the Big Sky Conference and I am all here for that.

406 MT Sports is reporting that Southern Utah University has officially decided that they are going to be leaving the Big Sky Conference and join the Western Athletic Conference, or more commonly known as the WAC, for football and basketball.

Credit: Jeff Krogstad Photography
Credit: Jeff Krogstad Photography

There has been speculation for a few months that Southern Utah might leave the Big Sky Conference and now we know for sure. The Western Athletic Conference has been adding good, reputable football teams to their conference in order for them to get their conference winner an automatic bid to the FCS Playoffs. Well, the WAC got a great addition with the Southern Utah Red Birds.

What does this mean for Montana State? Nothing really changes. This just means that they have twelve members for football and ten for basketball. Nothing doesn't have to change but the Big Sky Conference could make things interesting for football. Now that there is an even number of teams, the Big Sky could split the teams into two divisions, such as the East and West and then whoever in each division has the best record at the end of the year could face off in a Big Sky Conference title game. So we can finally determine who is the winner of the Big Sky Conference.

What would that look like? Well you would probably have Montana State, Montana, Idaho State, Northern Colorado, Weber State and Northern Arizona in the East. The West would consist of UC Davis, Sac State, Portland State, University of Idaho and Eastern Washington in the West. That makes the conferences pretty even but that's just my idea.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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