Let's be honest here, folks in the Big Sky State after a long day of work or maybe feeling a little stressed like to have an adult beverage...or seven.

Zippa, The Career Expert, came out with a list of the The Most Hungover States, According to Google and Montana ranked in the Top 10. Not surprising really, we do like to party.

Traitov/Getty Images
Traitov/Getty Images

Montana actually came in on the list at #9 but tied with Hawaii at #8 with the same score. The put this list together by looking at which states Googled 'hangover cures' the most and from the looks of it Montana Googles that phrase quite a bit.

Here is what Zippia had to say about Montana at #9,

Montana is tied with Hawaii on the being the eighth most hungover state with a 64 search volume. Even with lots of exploring to do in Montana, it's clear that everyone loves kicking back at the end of the day with a scotch on the rocks...or 7

Let's be honest, that is a pretty fair assessment.

Montana is one of the high consumer of beer in the nation. We actually covered this a while ago and Montana consumes the second most beer in the nation per capita.

It also doesn't help we have so many fantastic breweries not only in the Gallatin Valley but throughout the whole state.

If you are looking for a good hangover cure, I have one that I still use to this day from my college days. You need to either get a breakfast burrito or a really greasy burger(University Burger or Five Guys) and a very large Coke or soda of preference. Within an hour you will fill right again. Trust me.

For more details on the rankings, check out Zippia.

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