Montana likes it's independence and you can see it throughout the state.

Wallet Hub came out with a ranking of the Most and Least Independent States and not surprisingly Montana ranks really high.

Montana came in on the list at number 15, which is a little surprising. You would think Montana would rank high but there are several factors that brought Montana down on the list.

Montana ranked at the top of the list for International Trade Dependency which makes sense. Montana is all about home grown good from food to small, local businesses. We don't like to outsource things.

Montana also ranked in the Top 20 for Vice Dependency and Job-Market Dependency. Vice Dependency is about adults who are addicted to alcohol, tobacco or have gambling disorders and Job-Market Dependency is about unemployment rates and job creation.

The spots where Montana ranked low was due to one big problem, Federal Dependency. We are one of the worst states that requires a lot of federal money to take care of things throughout the state.

That's the ranking that truly hurt us to be more independent but honestly, who cares about these rankings.

When you drive around the state of Montana you can see how truly independent Montana is. Any small town in Montana will show you how independent people are in the 406.

As high as this list ranks Montana, to be honest we are just as independent as the number one state.

For more details and to see all the rankings, check out Wallet Hub.

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