When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense with Montana and why people might be moving here.

Wallet Hub came out with a ranking of the Most and Least Stressful States and Montana landed at #8 as the least stressful state and that makes a lot of sense. Especially when you look at the factors that Wallet Hub used to determine their rankings.

Wallet Hub used several categories from Work Related Stress to Money Related Stress and others and Montana ranked relatively low in all these categories. Plus, Montana scored really low for average hours of sleep per night and great for best credit score and job security.

Senior Man Relaxing In Park With Grandchildren In Background
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When you simply look at it, Montana is a low stress state because the people here are all about that slower pace of living. From no sales tax to scenic views to having zero traffic other than wildlife, Montana accommodates folks that want to get away from the big city and just enjoy themselves.

I can tell you that is simply the reason my folks moved my whole family to Montana when I was super young. Not only cause of the stunning beauty but for the slower pace of life. We could enjoy ourselves and find out what we enjoyed to do. If I grew up in Tacoma I would probably only play one sport in high school but in Montana I played four. Plus, you can't beak Flathead Lake.

For more details and to check out the whole rankings, take a look at Wallet Hub.

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