If Montanans love doing one thing, it's supporting other Montanans. 

Deadline reports that Nova Vento Entertainment has acquired the distribution rights to the film The Year of the Dog. The film is by Rob Grabow, who is from Montana. He directed, wrote, and starred in this film. 

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The story is about a man who struggles with alcoholism and meets a stray dog with a unique skill. Grabow says the movie is about how you can repair relationships no matter the damage. 

One of the main actors in the film is Michael Spears, who is a Bozeman local and has been seen in the Academy Award-nominated Dances With Wolves and FX's Reservations Dogs. Spears has even been submitted for an Independent Spirit Award for his work in this film. 

You can tell the film was produced in Montana. The Paradise Valley is a dead giveaway in most of these shots, with the mountain ranges in the background. It's been a popular place for several recent films, including A Montana Story and God's Country

Nova Vento Entertainment via Facebook
Nova Vento Entertainment via Facebook

It's not very often that you get a movie that's produced and directed in Montana and stars mostly Montanan actors and actresses. This movie could make a splash when award season rolls around in the next few months. 

As of right now, The Year of the Dog doesn't have a release date. We hope that when the official date is announced, we can host a screening in Bozeman. Everyone would come out and support a movie that a local made. 

For more details, check out Deadline

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