Well, maybe having a low key Thanksgiving by yourself isn't such a terrible idea after all.

Wallet Hub came out with a ranking of the Safest States to Spend Thanksgiving and Montana was almost the worst. Montana actually ranked as the 48th safest state to spend Thanksgiving. That's really eye opening. and bad to think about.

Belyay/Getty Images

There were many factors that went into these rankings from the looks of it. COVID-19 cases were a big factor and so was DUI deaths. Those are the two things that probably landed Montana almost at the bottom of the list.

Montana has seen a huge surge of new COVID-19 cases statewide and people are trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving this Thursday. Should they stay home or risk it and see family? It's a tough decision for sure.

For more personally, I will be staying here in Bozeman and cooking myself a small Thanksgiving dinner while I watch football all day long. No turkey though, I might cook a pork roast because those leftovers are just as great.

I'm not trying to tell you what to do this Thanksgiving but maybe we should all reevaluate what to do and do the sensible thing and protect our loved ones and friends and just kick it in our homes or apartments and protect one another.

So whatever you do this Thanksgiving please be safe and have a great long weekend and eat all the food you can.

For more details, check out Wallet Hub.

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