One of the most underrated and hidden ski areas in Montana that not a lot of folks know about and should check out.

Unofficial Networks put together a list of the Five Best 'Upside Down' Ski Areas and one of Montana's ski areas made the list. If you are wondering what an 'upside down' ski area is, simply put it's where you drive to the top of the mountain or near it and put on your boots and ski or snowboard down for your first run of the day and then take the lift back up.

Montana is home to one of these 'upside down' ski areas and this place is near and dear to my heart. Blacktail Ski Resort, which is located in Lakeside, Montana, is actually a pretty well hidden gem for a ski area in Montana.

Credit: Blacktail Mountain Ski Area via Facebook
Credit: Blacktail Mountain Ski Area via Facebook

Blacktail Ski Resort is just outside of Kalispell, Montana and is my family's favorite place to go skiing or snowboarding all together. The reason behind that is due to the fact the ski area was always close to where we lives, the mountain is extremely affordable and their lodge is one of the best for a small ski area.

Plus, this was a mountain that was never too busy. Blacktail has been known as a chill mountain without huge crowds, big lines or tourists due to the drive up to the top. It might take you a little bit longer to get to Blacktail but the views, snow and freedom is totally worth it.

For more details, check out Blacktail Ski Resort.

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