Well, I am sure the good people of Butte are proud of this. When we don't consider them in a drinking article, they get a little bent out of shape. So I would like to personally thank the town of Butte for providing such outstanding service, for years and years.

Great Job, Butte America, YOU DID IT (along with all the other towns).

Many of us come from small towns, where we are lucky if we even have one stop light. What we do typically have is a grain elevator, a post office, a locally owned little gas station, and at least one bar.


According to this map, Montana contains more than just a mom-and-pop restaurant on each street; Montana has more bars than they do grocery stores and a lot.

No one can say we Montanans don't support our favorite small-town watering hole. The local bar in my little hometown of less than 2500 has had the same bar for as long as I can remember. After a few name changes and realizing having a bar called Tassles in a town full of churchgoers wasn't the best idea, they finally settled on just one name.


You can see the trend with the midwest states. Clearly, the snowfall, freezing cold temperatures, and long winters that contain hardly any daylight are getting to us. Or, we just really like our booze. Either way, if you are thinking of opening a bar in Montana, you definitely will have your competition.

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10 Montana Grocery Items That Could Be In Short Supply In 2023.

The last couple of years has been rough for a lot of Montanans as the supply chain was disrupted over the whole pandemic. Of course, we're now a few years removed, and yet certain items are still hard to come by.

Although we've "officially" moved on, there are now other factors that are being blamed for higher prices and lower supply. The war in Ukraine, high fuel costs, lack of manpower, etc. It seems there are several reasons behind it, and none of them look like they're in our favor as consumers.

So what does this all mean?  It means that we're looking at a possible shortage when it comes to groceries. Sadly, most of the items on the list are staples that we tend to use on a regular basis.

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