This documentary will hit home with a lot of folks here in Montana, and hopefully shed light on the subject at hand. 

Sundance Film Festival in Utah is the most elite film festival in the United States, debuting the best new films and documentaries. These films are usually highly anticipated award contenders or looking to get picked up by distributors. It's a massive festival for movie stars, directors, and people who love cinema.

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Often, the most potent films focus on issues that have been overlooked for too long. 

The disappearance and murder of Native American women has plagued Montana. It's long been a growing issue, and there seems to be no end in sight. 

ijoe84/Getty Images
ijoe84/Getty Images

Murder in Big Horn is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary focuses on the deaths of several Native American women in rural Montana. It talks about the families, journalists, and law enforcement involved in the cases.

Native American women going missing or being murdered in Montana has been an issue for years, but the problem has finally begun to breach national news. A TV show about missing people even showcased an episode about a missing Native American girl from Browning. Sadly, she still hasn't been found. 

Photo by Kal Visuals via Unsplash
Photo by Kal Visuals via Unsplash

I hope this documentary gets the recognition and attention it deserves at a high-profile film festival like Sundance. Many people nationwide don't know that this is one of the most pressing problems Montana faces today, and something that should've been a focus long ago.

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