Heartbreaking for many guys trying to make it into the major leagues this year.

406 MT Sports is reporting that the 2020 season for Minor League Baseball has been officially cancelled. This includes the Pioneer League which has three teams located right here in Montana.

Credit:Minor League Baseball via Twitter

The Billings Mustangs, Missoula Paddleheads(formerly the Osprey) and the Great Falls Voyagers won't have a season.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic pushing back baseball for several months, Major League Baseball informed the teams in the past few days that they won't be able to fill out rosters for their minor league system.

This will be the first time since the league was founded in 1939, where their won't be a season in the Pioneer League.

The Pioneer League is apart of the Rookie Advanced level of minor league baseball, essentially players that were low round picks or developmental players that can prove themselves before moving up.

Many major league players have started in the Pioneer League on the teams many people have grown to love.

Growing up in Polson, it was always pretty great to go to Missoula and watch the Osprey play. I was able to see future major league players Lyle Overbay, who played for the Blue Jays, Yankees and the Brewers during his career, and Craig Counsell, who is now the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, play in a small stadium of a couple thousand people.

Watching those games can give kids hope of one day playing America's pastime and playing in the major leagues.

Even though the 2020 season isn't happening, we can look forward to the 2021 season and the Pioneer League returning to Montana.

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