This sounds like the best dream job possible.

Michelob ULTRA is looking for a new 'CEO' or Chief Exploring Officer. The job involves a lot of traveling, essentially you will travel to all national parks in a six month span. Taking photos, capturing content and representing Michelob ULTRA.

The best part, Michelob ULTRA will be providing the vehicle, gas money, and the real kicker, you will get paid $50,000. That's right, $50,000 for six months of work of just traveling the country to our country's incredible national parks.

kanonsky/Getty Images

Essentially the qualifications of the job is being able to take photos and videos and edit them accordingly, must be 21 years old or older, love and appreciate the outdoors, want to hike deep into the national parks and have a valid driver's license.

The camper van Michelob ULTRA that will provide you will come with a bathroom and shower don't worry. This all sounds like a pretty sweet deal, plus did you forget you will get paid $50,000.

This sounds like a pretty incredible opportunity. Not only to get paid $50,000 in six months but to travel to some incredible national parks. You will go to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park here in Montana but you will also get the chance to see Joshua Tree in California, Big Bend in Texas and countless others.

If all of a sudden I take a six month sabbatical it's because I scored this sweet gig.

If you want more details, check out Michelob ULTRA.

You have until September 30th to fill out the application.

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