This vodka has only been around for a short period but it's making massive waves across the globe.

We all know Montana's breweries get a lot of love. There are so many to check out; you can find one in any city or town in Big Sky Country.

The breweries in Montana are fantastic, but so are the distilleries. Montana has some stellar spots across to enjoy if you love hard liquor.

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It doesn't matter if you love vodka, whiskey, or bourbon because most distilleries have something for everyone.

Photo by Dylan De Jonge via Unsplash
Photo by Dylan De Jonge via Unsplash

One vodka out of Montana has been making waves in the Pacific Northwest and globally.

About a month ago, we talked about Hollywood superstar Jason Mamoa teamed up with a local distillery in Bozeman to create Meili Vodka.

Credit: Meili Vodka via Instagram They hosted an event at Belgrade Liquor where Jason Mamoa met with locals, and folks bought signed bottles from Aquaman himself. It was an incredible event that left folks buzzing about how incredible Meili Vodka tasted. Well, now Meili Vodka is making waves worldwide. Forbes reports Meili Vodka was voted the Best Vodka in the World by the 2024 TAG Spirits Awards.




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Credit: Meili Vodka via Instagram

The vodka scored an impressive 95 out of 100 and the judges were impressed with the determination and care that goes into making this high-quality product.

I've had the opportunity to try Meili Vodka and without a doubt, it's the smoothest and cleanest tasting vodka I've had in my adult life. It's perfect to add to drinks or to take shots with.

The best part? Meili Vodka isn't overpriced. You can score a bottle for $30 and that's a steal for a good quality liquor.

If you want to try something new, maybe this is your sign.

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