At least, that's what history says. I think we can all agree it's been nice having longer days, so warmer temps might be a welcome respite too.

TYPICALLY, we won't dip below 4 degrees F this month. Sure, it's possible but fairly rare. March should typically bring us temps about 10 degrees higher than February.

According to, Bozeman gets an average of 14.9" of snow across 9 days during the month of March.

What about other Montana towns and their snow days/totals in March? Places like Cooke City can big winners in March!

  • 9 days for Bozeman with 14.9" of average snow
  • 9.7 days for Butte with 10.9" of average snow
  • 7.7 days of for Hebgen Lake Dam with 25.2" of average snow
  • 5.0 days for Helena with 6.2" of average snow
  • 1.7 days  for Sula with 4.6" of average snow
  • 5.3 days for Virginia City with 10.0" of average snow
  • 6.9 days for Billings with 10.2" of average snow
  • 11.1 days for Cooke City with 28.6" of average snow
  • 8.7 days for Mystic Lake with 29.8" of average snow
  • 6.2 days for Red Lodge with 22.6" of average snow

For real weather geeks, there are excellent resources to monitor snowfall and temperatures around the state of Montana.

The Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center ( has an extensive map of weather stations and SNOTEL sites that they monitor, and you can too. These also include up-to-the-minute monitoring of Bridger Bowl, the Yellowstone Club and Big Sky Resort.

Other locations that are handy to monitor for our area can be found on that chart too: Lionhead, Cooke City, Hyalite Canyon, Taylor Fork and Yellow Mule.

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