As far as organized neighborhood associations, there appears to be 14 distinct neighborhoods but of course there are MANY, MANY more. We all have a 'hood, right?

If you're the kind of person who enjoys maps, check this one out from the City of Bozeman. The COB Neighborhoods Program was created in 2007 with a goal to enhance communication between groups of Bozeman residents and the City. Makes sense. (There's also the Bozeman Inter Neighborhood Council.) So who are they?

City of bozeman
  • Bogert Park Neighborhood Association
  • Bozeman Creek Neighborhood Association
  • Bozeman Ponds Neighborhood Association
  • Cooper Park Neighborhood Association
  • Flanders Creek Neighborhood Association
  • Marwyn-Lindley Neighbors
  • Loyal Gardens Neighborhood Association
  • New Hyalite View Network
  • North East Neighborhood Association
  • South Central Association of Neighbors
  • South East Neighborhood Association
  • The Knolls Neighborhood Association
  • University Neighbors Association
  • Valley Unit Neighborhood Association


The application is really quite cool if you want to geek out on details like elevations, exact borders and locations of every single park. I happen to like that kind of stuff...but I'm kind of that dork.

Turns out that I don't live in an 'organized' neighborhood anymore but I do know there's a Nextdoor group for my area. (Have never actually spent time on the app but I know it's there. Perhaps I should check in and see what's going on around here.)

If your neighborhood doesn't already have some sort of way to connect, consider a neighborhood platform...especially if your turf is experiencing change, development or has a common benefit to all its residents. Popular platforms include: Nextdoor, Front Porch Forum, MyCoop, Olio, Neighborland, and Patch. They're all a little different and serve slightly different purposes.

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