This is not okay at all.

NBC Montana obtained a photo of a tourist in Yellowstone National Park walking towards a giant herd of bison.

David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

The man wasn't alone either. He was carrying a child in a carrier and had two more children in each hand. The man is extremely lucky none of the bison tried to charge him when he was with his kids.

Bison aren't always very nice and have been known to be extremely aggressive. Every year we always get news of folks getting bumped, body checked or even flipped by bison for getting too close.

If you don't remember, Yellowstone National Park recommends visitors at the park to say at least 25 yards away from bison. Fun fact, bison can run up to 30 mph when they are at a full sprint.

There is no word yet if the man will be facing a fine.

Yellowstone National Park recommends you stay at least 100 yards away from wildlife such as bears and wolves and at least 25 yards from bison and elk. The park is not a petting zoo and we don't want anyone to get injured while visiting Yellowstone National Park.

We are glad someone took a picture of this incident. If we want to keep Yellowstone beautiful and the way it is, we need to make sure folks follow the rules. Not only for the park's safety but for other visitor's safety.

If you see someone stepping off trail at Yellowstone or getting near wildlife, please report them to a park ranger. Hopefully, people will start to learn why the rules are in place in Yellowstone National Park.

For more details on the story, check out NBC Montana.

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