This unique and weird museum has thousands of items that would take several days to learn about.

If you want to learn about incredible culture or see something fun, museums are the perfect place to explore. Museums all have exhibits tailored to specific areas or history and are family-friendly.

Most museums are places to learn about the past like our own Museum of the Rockies or see incredible works of art like the Missoula Art Museum.

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Museums are fun experiences for all ages. Museums can be a fantastic way to kill time and learn.

Are All Museums The Same?

Yes and no. Most museums cater to certain things like history, art, or culture, but there are always a few museums that might seem weird.

Photo by Liza Rusalskaya via Unsplash
Photo by Liza Rusalskaya via Unsplash

Montana might have some typical museums, but one museum could be considered the weirdest.

This museum has so many items from former wars, film history, and Montana's statehood that you could spend days walking around and still miss something interesting.

The Weirdest Museum in Montana Can Be Found Here

We don't know if it's the weirdest or the most interesting museum in Montana, and it has to be the Miracle of America Museum in Polson.

Miracle of America Museum via Facebook
Miracle of America Museum via Facebook

The Miracle of America Museums is conveniently on Highway 93 as you drive in or out of Polson, and it's a massive place.

There are war memorabilia and vehicles from every major American war, film items that have never been seen in decades, and then you walk outside to the back lot. The back part of the museum has classic cars, tractors, and Old West buildings from Montana's history.

I was lucky enough to grow up next to this museum, and with each visit, I learned something new about America.

If you want to experience a museum that might be a little weird, the Miracle of America Museum is a short drive away.

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