Lil Pump has once again announced that he’s quitting lean.

On Saturday (June 15), the 2018 XXL Freshman hopped on his Instagram story to tell his followers that he’s kicking the cup, the addictive liquid concoction that consists of mixing a prescription cough syrup with a soft drink.

“Yo guys, I’m making an announcement. I don’t sip no more lean at all. I don’t do no more drugs, fuck all that,” he says in the clip. You can also hear someone in the background yell, “Good job, Pumpee!”

Pump's announcement may or may not be a joke. It's hard to say because the rapper has frequently claimed to have stopped a drug habit only to be seen indulging in said habit a short while later. Before this latest announcement, Pump used a December Instagram story to say that he was putting down the drink for good.

“Hey, I’m Lil Pump, and I kicked the cup. I think you should kick the cup too. Look how skinny I got,” he said at the time. Before that, in April 2018, Pump joked about kicking the cup before he tossed a bottle of cough syrup in a pool.

On the quit drugs front, this announcement marks another time Pump's sworn off using a different substance. Last January, Pump and his good friend Smokepurpp swore off the drug Xanax (aka Xans) and vowed to leave the habit alone.

In addition, Lil Pump used an Instagram Live session to announce that his Lil Pump 2 mixtape is on the way. So fans got a double dose of good news today.

Check out Lil Pump’s announcement below.

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