You have to love that more movies are coming to Montana to film, and the finished product is getting better and better.

Lost Survivors, a movie filmed completely in Montana during the height of the pandemic in the winter, released their first trailer for the film, and it looks pretty awesome. The film stars Alicia Silverstone(Clueless), Stephen Moyer(True Blood), and Drew Van Acker.

The film revolves around a father and son in a post-apocalyptic world, where the father has taken his son away in the woods to protect him. Then the son will have to travel into the outside world to get help for his dad, and that's when things start to unravel. Watch the trailer below.

The film looks pretty awesome, and the setting is perfect. The filmmakers couldn't have chosen a more perfect place to film, especially using mountains and heavily wooded areas. Montana was the obvious choice to film, and they crushed it.

Last Survivors will be available on DIRECTV from January 6th through February 3rd and then will be in theaters and on-demand on all platforms starting 4th.

I don't think our local Regal Theater at the Gallatin Valley Mall will be featuring this film when it comes out, but you can rent it on Amazon Prime, VUDU, or other streaming sites. 

Lost Survivors doesn't look like it will be an awards contender but what this film can do is provide another showing on why filming in Montana is a great choice. Montana can provide an atmosphere to a movie that fits perfectly. 

For more details, check out Collider. 

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