Japan is a mecca and a capital of street fashion. Just ask Gwen Stefani, who had a love affair with the Harajuku Girls and named one of her diffusion clothing lines after ‘em. When Lady Gaga hit the country for her Born This Way Ball tour, Japanese little monsters paid loving tribute to her fashion sense and in turn have been sharing it with the global monster contingent online.

It’s worth noting that Gaga has been leaving a trail of photographic evidence from the tour, sharing shots on Twitter. Her photog pal Terry Richardson also snapped tons of images and posted them online for fans to enjoy. So even when you’re not there, you’re there!

The photo above is one she tweeted of herself and Richardson, who often makes his subjects wear his nerdy specs. She also mentioned that that evening in Tokyo marked the first show she didn’t puke. Yes, she puts THAT much into her perfs. This is Gaga.

Check out that strategically placed black pastie, which is little more than what looks like black electrical tape in the form of an ‘X.’

But back to the monsters and their tributes. Japanese little monsters are a creative bunch. Some are wearing major platforms in emulation of her. Others have adopted the pink-haired skeleton look from the actual ‘Born This Way’ video. Our favorite? The Japanese lil’ monster wearing a leather jumpsuit and a mask with posing with a mini little monster in similar attire. Gaga’s fashion reach knows no age boundaries and you’re never to young to go Gaga.

In one image, two little monsters with blonde and pink wigs copy her burlesque look when she was rocking downtown New York with her pal Lady Starlight. Old school monsters, so to speak.

One thing is for sure. There’s lots of Lady Gaga lookalikes and fashion copycats in the Far East. Amen Fashion!