So you're a 96.7 KISS FM fan, but Facebook won’t let you stay up to the minute on all that’s happening? We feel your pain, but now there’s a way to make sure KISS FM is your top priority.

Facebook users can now prioritize their news feed to make sure that KISS FM remains at the top. First, if you're mobile, be sure to update your phone's software and the app (we're using an iPhone, but this is good advice for everyone). Then, check out our easy, step-by-step instructions in the gallery above so you don't miss anything that's happening with the KISS crew.

The solution solves a problem many Facebook users have. The people they want to see don’t show up because of the social media site’s complicated algorithm. Thankfully, you can finally control your own feed and customize it to ensure KISS FM is always available at your fingertips.

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