Justin Bieber is one lusty guy. The 'Recovery' singer was caught leaving a brothel in Brazil.

Page Six reports that Bieber, 20, was snapped exiting Centauros, a brothel in Rio de Janeiro, and that two women left with him. Bieber's security attempted to cover the singer with a sheet, but one of his tattoos was still visible, and paps were able to identify the singer because they recognized his guards.

Bieber hopped into his waiting ride while the two women, who were likely employees of the brothel, were escorted to his hotel separately. Bieber was later kicked out his hotel for violating rules, but it's unclear which rules he broke so egregiously.

Prostitution is legal in Brazil, so the singer likely didn't break any actual laws ... but running a brothel is illegal, so those ladies' bosses may be in hot water.

After the story broke, Bieber posted a cryptic tweet asking his Beliebers not to believe rumors, but he quickly deleted it ... perhaps because, well, the photos (which you can see here) don't lie. You can see a screenshot of his plea below from a fan.