Justin Bieber has fatherhood on his mind.

Fans who watched his new Amazon Prime Video documentary, Justin Bieber: Our World, may have noticed that the hit-maker broached the topic of family planning with his wife Hailey Bieber. And it sounds like he is very much ready to take the next step in their relationship.

The pop star mentioned "trying" for a baby while discussing plans for 2021 ahead of a concert late last year, according to People.

"My intention for 2021 is to continue to set goals and have fun while doing them," he said. "Make sure I put my family first and hopefully we squish out a nugget."

The "nugget" in question? A baby Biebs, of course.

When Hailey asked if he wanted to have said baby in 2021, he clarified that he hoped to "start trying" later in the year. However, ET reported that he very clearly wasn't forcing the idea on his wife and would let her have the final say.

"It's up to you, babe," Justin assured her.

To paraphrase his inescapable anthem "Baby": He was like, "Baby, baby, baby, soon?"

Her response — "We shall see" — left the question unanswered and viewers hanging.

Although we don't know exactly where they stand in regards to the matter now, the internet lit up with rumors about a potential pregnancy after their appearance at the 2021 Met Gala.

However, TMZ confirmed that Hailey was not expecting after Justin was photographed touching her stomach at the event. Fans thought that may have been their way of confirming the happy news.

This is not the first time the Biebers have talked about starting a family.

Back in 2018, Hailey told Vogue Arabia that she loves kids but wasn't looking to have one with Justin quite yet. "Definitely not anytime soon," she explained.

Justin has opened up about having a family several times. However, he's always stressed that Hailey has the final say in when they start and how many children they have.

"I think it's up to Hailey because it's her body," he told Ellen DeGeneres in 2020.

The pair secretly got married in a New York City courthouse back in September 2018 and celebrated with a lavish-looking affair the following year.

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