Fan of Justin Bieber's? Well, you have Aaron Carter to thank, according to Aaron Carter.

Carter said in a new interview with Allegedly podcast with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss that 22-year-old Bieber, whose career blew up in 2009, has borrowed pretty significantly from Carter's.

Carter, who's 29, released his first album in 1997.

"I hope you’re enjoying my pavement," Carter said to Scooter Braun, who manages both artists.

Carter insisted that he popularized his brand of bad boy, and that Bieber's merely following in his footsteps.

"When I was younger, I was looked at as taboo" Carter said. "‘This little kid that looks like a girl singing, you want us to have him on our radio station? You’re crazy, hell no.’…I was never a radio artist. Ever. But somehow I sold even more records even to this day still than Justin Bieber.”

That all said, Carter concedes that Bieber is definitely talented.

“Trust me, when I was a little kid and doing it — first of all, when I was his age, I couldn’t sing anywhere close to how good he is,” Carter said. “He’s a way better singer than me. It was just always — it was always different.”

Carter's slighted Bieber a number of times over the years, and summed up his opinion pretty succinctly in a 2012 tweet that observed "I'm not impressed."

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